Our greatest legacy: The Land


We view the land as a living entity which needs all its organs in order to function properly.


In the late 20th century, the widespread establishment of monoculture, the excessive use of “systemic” products, and the resulting degeneration of animal and plant life in the soil and subsoil, made the search for an alternative imperative. A re-thinking of values and priorities, requiring the making of some important and permanent changes, were necessary,  if we were not to lose our greatest legacy: the land.


This imperative resulted in us asking Lydia and Claude Bourguignon to carry out an in-depth study of our soils, with the objective of recovering the life therein, and continuing to reflect the identity of our land within our wines. To achieve this, we are working according to the precepts of agrology, a discipline based on a close observation and management of all the factors that influence our land and our habitat, a compendium of organic growing and biodynamics.


We work all our vineyards organically


We use an agricultural management system that employs environmentally-friendly practices that seek to increase levels of biodiversity, respect the natural cycles, and minimize the impact of man on the environment. This also involves the responsible use of energy and natural resources in order to maintain natural balances.
Organically-grown crops are treated without artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides are therefore banned, thereby ensuring there are no residues of these types of substances.