Preventative agriculture


We have been using biodynamic practices since 2013

Having learnt from our experience in organic growing, the next step was to introduce biodynamic growing, which involves the recovery and inclusion of all the components that make up the universe of our natural habitat – land, plants, animals, the influence of the stars, and the human being.


Live vegetal cover is a technique used to maintain the soil in the vineyards. This cover can be spontaneous, leaving the flora to grow naturally, or it can be induced.
It is an effective soil-care system used in biodynamic growing. It helps regulate the retention and drainage of water, encourages biodiversity and the proliferation of the natural enemies of the common vineyard pests. It reduces the risk of erosion and improves soil structure, enriching it with organic matter and activating microbial life.


We have introduced cows, sheep, chickens, and horses into our vineyards. These provide us with our own compost, the basis of our preparations, which create greater microbial activity. To complement this, we also use animal compost from selected, environmentally-friendly farms.



We care for our vineyards with preventive infusions made from medicinal plants grown in our garden of nettles, dandelions, yarrow, horsetail, valerian, etc. These decoctions activate defence systems which act against potential pests, fungi or diseases.


Continuous learning

When carrying out work on our vines and soils, we respect the belief in the influence of the moon and the universe.

We are conscious of the work that lies ahead, but we have been encouraged by the generous response of Nature. We are always conscious of the fact that Nature has a direct and important influence on our vineyards, and consider it our duty to learn to interpret her.