To be and to do

21 October 2015|

At Gramona we have always said that the character of a wine, as with people, comes from its DNA, its genetic makeup, which in turn is influenced by the earth, its climate, its grape variety, [...]

The importance of the land: the shift to biodynamic growing

10 November 2017|

A greener world is possible, although repairing the harm being done to the Earth is not easy. Change is coming, bit by bit and region by region, and this is encouraging. To bring about [...]

Enoteca Gramona 2001: a historic landmark

2 March 2017|

After years of red wine dominance in Spain, sherries, whites and sparkling wines are coming out of hiding.  For the first time in history, cava took its place on the “best wine” winners podium.  Time [...]

Dressing the bottles

26 January 2017|

- Weaving time -   We often underestimate the power of a smile, a look in the eyes, a kind word, an attentive listening, a sincere compliment or the smallest of gestures. Details that contain [...]

Aliances per la Terra: Working as a collective

27 October 2016|

To reach our objectives, it is more viable to cooperate with other people who pursue the same aims, even if their motives are different. Partnerships are essential for achieving real change. This is the first [...]

That guide

14 July 2016|

For years That Guide used to rate Gramona as being among the best cavas, but never the best. The rule of the boss and taster at ‘That Guide’ was that cavas had to be young, [...]

Wine, like cuisine

11 May 2016|

Not so long along the world’s top cuisine was still French, as it had been for many centuries. From the great banquets of the Middle Ages to the present day, the home of the culinary [...]

Bucket list

30 March 2016|

There are some places you must definitely visit as wine enthusiast. One is located at ten minutes walking distance from Buckingham Palace in London. It is a warm Friday in early July. After a [...]

Xarel·lo: from Extinction to Solution

3 March 2016|

Rustic, resistant, and full of character. This best describes the Xarel·lo white grape, one of the most historic varietals growing in the vineyards influenced by the Mediterranean breeze. On the verge of extinction in the [...]

The Oenologist and the Scientist

11 February 2016|

In 1988, rookie Jaume Gramona, 22-years-old and freshly graduated from the University of Dijon, whose oenology faculty was the first in the world to boast a sparkling wine department, arrived at the gates of the [...]

Head and Heart

21 January 2016|

Work in the vineyard is tough, requiring observation and patience. The vines are subjected to all sorts of unkind weather! The grape picking teams know what it is like to work with the sun beating [...]

Survivors of La Albera

7 January 2016|

The Albera cow lives in almost total freedom feeding mainly from the vegetation of the forests and meadows through which it roams.  Its population is concentrated in the ‘Paraje Natural de Interés Nacional de la [...]

Life under ground

21 December 2015|

Jaume Gramona met Lydia and Claude Bourguignon, considered to be among the greatest experts in soil microbiology, in Dijon, in 2010. Lydia is a trained oenologist and eloquent communicator, and Claude is an agricultural engineer [...]

1881: the beginning of a family tradition

15 December 2015|

In 1870, Phylloxera swept through the European vineyards from north to south. It took more than a decade to find a solution to this blight and many years to apply it: replanting on American rootstock, [...]

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