Unique personalities



At Gramona, we produce a wide range of wines under the ‘Denominación de Origen Penedés’ umbrella. These wines suit wine drinkers of all ages, as well as different drinking occasions. We produce single varietal estate wines as well as “concept” and blended wines.


Genetics for the long ageing

We partner with a unique grape, the Xarel-lo, the DNA of our winery. Long ago, we came to understand the ability of this special grape variety to age well for long period of time. It is remarkable for its amount of antioxidants, that allow the wine to stay fresh and intense, retaining a youthful body as it develops the spirit of the wine itself.

Some of our wines are fermented and aged  in barrels.  When the year  is suitable, we make a 100% Pinot Noir red, which ferments in 3,000 litre oak vats and ages in 300 litre French oak barrels.



We make a very small amount of rosé and white wine which undergoes a second fermentation in tank producing a fine, natural CO2, typical of the best vinos de aguja (slightly sparkling wines). In Gramona we vinify these dry – without the addition of sugar – with the aim of producing refreshing wines for enjoying with good food.




Our sweet wines are the result of Jaume Gramona’s personality and innate curiosity, as well as a specific set of circumstances, both in the vineyards and in the winery.

These sweet wines are classified into two separate, yet complementary, families. The first family is the vinos de calor (wines from the heat) with the Gra a Gra, produced from late-harvested grapes, fermented and aged in barrels or demijohns.

The second family is made up of the vinos de frío (wines from the cold) with the Vi de Glass, which go into prototype cold chambers maintained at -15ºC using liquid nitrogen, and then undergo very slow fermentation to attain a fairly low alcohol content ( 9.5 degrees) and 150g of residual sugar balanced by excellent acidity.