Could you imagine the feeling that you will never have the opportunity
of being what you want to be?

It seems impossible, right? But in our own streets, hundreds of children do not have the possibility of obtaining the future they had dreamed. You can help them achieve their dreams.

This Christmas, we have decided to invest our resources not in a traditional Christmas greeting, but to generate funds that will go entirely to the Joan Salvador Gavina Open Centre Foundation and thus contribute to improve the situation of social exclusion in which children live.

How to collaborate

This Christmas you can contribute to make the life of the children of the Joan Salvador Gavina Foundation a little easier.

Share and “Like” this video. For each “Like”, Gramona will donate 1€ to the Foundation.

Help us spread the video and make dreams grow!

If you want to collaborate directly with them, you can do it through their website:

Consult the legal bases

244 children attended during this year

120 FAMILIES attended during the year

94 volunteers during the year